Hospital Staff

The first thing you'll notice when you walk into our Portland veterinary office is the incredibly friendly and inviting atmosphere. Members of our staff have been hand-picked to provide you & your pet the best possible experience during your visit. Learn more about our team below.
Jill, Hospital Manager/ Vet Technician
Jill is an original founder of Argay Cat Clinic/Hospital for Cats. Specializing in cat care exclusively since 1975, Jill graduated from Michigan State University's veterinary technician program in 1974. Always focused on cat care, she was termed the "cat lady" even back then. The animal human bond holds strong interest for her. She has adopted and fostered many kittens, cats, and dogs that owe their very lives to her. Her specialty is dental prophylaxis (cleaning and polishing). She is the first person to be called upon for help during difficult blood draws, especially on obese patients. Her other interests are quilting & gardening. Jill lives with her husband, Henry, their dog Alex, and cat-Pansy. She just celebrated her seventeenth anniversary for surviving cancer and participates every year in the charitable Susan G. Komen for the Cure. In short (: She is incredible!
Linnea , Veterinary Assistant/ Office Manager
Linnea (pronounced Linn-A-uh) has been working for the clinic since 2002 . She's the go-to person for both the day to day management of the hospital as well as utilizing her talents as a skilled care giver. Linnea has high energy and is the consummate multi-tasker. She is dedicated and loyal. It is obvious she loves her job. Her memory for cats, clients, their names and history, is amazing. Linnea's skills are very comprehensive. She is just as comfortable in the front office as she is in assisting the doctor in surgery, dentistry, and anesthesia. Linnea enjoys going to the movies and reading. We especially appreciate her effervescence, sense of humor, youthful spirit, and vast knowledge of modern movies and music. She keeps us young at heart. Linnea and Kirk live with their dog Maverick and cat-Marley.
Yara, Receptionist/ Veterinary Assistant
Yara is a welcome addition to our staff. She brings a lot of education and experience to her career. She attended the University of Zulia (also known as LUZ, literally meaning "light" in Spanish) which is located in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Yara is educated in chemical engineering and is fluent in Spanish. Yara is married to Alejandro (Alex) and they have a daughter, Angela and a King Charles Spaniel named Samantha. (Yara loves cats, but unfortunately her husband is allergic to them). Her talents, humor, obvious dedication, loyalty to her employer and profession, and love of animals, are a welcome addition to "Team Argay".
Morgan, Hospital Manager- Another Exhausting Day!
Morgan's stellar career as "hospital manager", and resident silver Persian, began when he came to us at about one year of age. He was severely injured when he was hit by a car. His pelvis was broken in numerous places, he had a paralyzed tail, and almost all of the skin of his back had lost its circulatory supply. When his hospitalization approached several weeks, and it became apparent his skin problems would require several months of care, he was given up for euthanasia or adoption. We decided to adopt him. Slowly and gradually, his problems began to heal. His pelvis knitted and his back, although severely scarred, healed well. You're probably asking why we didn't euthanize this poor guy? Well, Morgan was a very exceptional patient. He never complained. He never gave up. He was just a gentle soul, and we rapidly fell in love with him. Today, seventeen years later, he lives on. His spirit, occasional goofy antics, love of tuna, and gorgeous looks can be appreciated by an ever growing fan club at the Argay Cat Clinic! A sad post-script: Morgan succumbed from cancer of the liver on August 7, 2013. He is missed but will never be forgotten. See Morgan on our Facebook page at: